Roads and Rain

The 2017-2018 rainy season was rather tame.

This was about 2016-2017, which was a very bad year.

Roads are very important to folks who live in rural places.

Those barriers are enough for most people, not to mention the mud and the rocks. Who in their right mind would even think about driving down here? I considered it.

In cities you can jump over another block and be on your way. Out here, often there is no other way.

In the high mountains they got piles of this fluffy white stuff.

With water pouring out of every spring, some of the hills on our little mountain are not entirely stable.

We need to be a bit more flexible. What does “Road Closed” actually mean? Hint: It’s legal, not physical. The question on our minds is: “is it blocked?” If not, someone will find a way out.

Other times we’re stuck. If the back way is also closed, then the universe shrinks to a few miles of country road. Go home, telecommute if you can. Stoke up the fire and make some chicken soup. The road is taking a sick day.

Once the county cavalry gets there, it may take a few hours to get things cleared. Thanks guys!

Maybe a day or three if it’s still raining while they fight the ooze.

And sometimes when the county has too much backlog on their hands, the locals will just chew their own way out.


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