Palm Springs Aerial Tramway

This was an interesting day trip in southern California last October.

Mount San Jacinto State Park is a wooded wilderness on a mountain top 10,000 feet above the desert. It’s 20 degrees cooler in the summer and like Big Bear it gets snow in the winter.

The cable is a straight shot up to the top, with no more than half a dozen pylons, so you’re hanging on the cable for some pretty long stretches. The tram holds about 30 people which seems to have a calming effect on the folks who were a bit nervous.

View from close to the top:

There are two cars on the line. Here you can see the other tram car going down the other side:

A nice forest on top with lots of trails to hike. But be careful because the altitude sneaks up on you. Hiking at 10,000 feet is not the same as sea level.

The park rangers require a permit to go into the back country and/or camp overnight. That seems just a formality so they know who is up there.

A wide variety of birds and animals are at home in this refuge in the sky. Most of the big ones are probably hiding in the wilderness areas. I found this little guy not too far from the picnic tables:

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