Antelope Canyon

I don’t remember how I first heard about this place, but it has been on my photo safari list ever since. Made from sandstone and carved by millions of years of desert flash floods, the upper and lower Antelope Canyons are on Navajo land south of Lake Powell in Page, Arizona.

After a few miles of bumps, the road dead ends at a 50 foot wall with a large vertical crack. It’s noticeably cooler inside, the floor is flat beach white sand. The light seems to promise more secrets within.


They say the light beams are better earlier in the year. This one at the end of October is still pretty fantastic.


The “photo tour” is longer (about 2 hours) and our guide was knowledgeable about where the great shots were and how to photograph various scenes, as well as the canyon itself. Faces of humans and animals and unknown creatures abound.


The rocks are cold sandstone, but the light from above seems to make them glow. The colors evoke memories of flames, molten metals or ceramics in the oven.




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