Road Maintainence

One of the joys of living in an out of the way place is unpaved gravel roads and driveways. It’s good to have a pickup truck to haul the rock needed for repairs. Note that potholes look a lot bigger when you stand next to them with a shovel.

The rainy season has begun and there’s a big storm coming soon, so I got an important task done today, cleaning out the culverts on the driveway. This is a neat design that a friend figured out. All the pieces are pressure treated lumber, 2×6 on the bottom and 2×4 on the sides, with a few spacers to hold the sides apart. Set them diagonally across the road so that there is some slope to let the water flow to the side of the road.

There are engineered plastic modules with removable grates that do the same thing, but those are quite expensive. When the lumber version starts to degrade after a decade or two, they will be easy to replace.

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