Dawn Foam Refill

Here’s a little trick I figured out.

I really like Dawn(tm,c,r,etc) as it tackles grease very well.

The normal concentrated stuff comes in big bottles and gets discounted at big stores.

The “Direct Foam” type is quite handy but only comes in expensive little bottles.

Just putting the regular deep blue concentrate into the foamer doesn’t work. It’s too thick to make any foam. But I thought the product is the same, so there must be a way to use the normal stuff to refill the foamer.

The key is that word “concentrated” – it has to be diluted!

Sure enough, if you mix 1 part of the dark blue concentrated Dawn with 3 parts water, stirred not shaken (opposite of Mr Bond’s martinis) and let it settle to a uniform consistency, it works fine.

The resulting mixture is a lighter blue and refills the foamer very nicely:

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