Bryce Canyon

Bryce Canyon deserves a post of its own. I reserved a full day, and that was barely enough to scratch the surface of this amazing landscape.

The main geological feature is the “Hoodoo”, the name they give the sandstone spires. Bryce has about 100 days per year where the water in the rock freezes over night and thaws during the day. Each of these cycles breaks away some of the rock because the ice takes up more room. Some rock erodes away and the spires are left.

This panorama is of Inspiration Point (pardon the different shades of blue sky, forgot to exposure lock).


This arch is called Natural Bridge:


Agua Canyon:


The Queen’s Garden and Navajo Loop Trail

These are two trails that intersect so that you can do both as a single 3 mile loop. I started down the Navajo Loop Trail, a switchback down a steep slope:


and into Wall Street, which reminded me a bit of Antelope Canyon:


The Queen’s Garden is the real gem, the trail meanders through a canyon full of hoodoos like giant chess pieces standing above you in rows. You can take a shorter hike just down to the garden and back up without the Navajo Loop.




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